". First you set a level for a mastered CD in the style you like to work in to hit the magic 0 to 6 spot on the SPL meter. Memorise that volume knob position. Then play one of your unmastered mixes and set a position for that. It should be quite a bit higher because your mix is not (yet) limited to within an inch of its life like the mastered CD is. Now you have to reproducible mixing positions: one for mixing and one for listening to mastered CDs with the benefit that both will now play at the same SPL level. Only then can you really start comparing your work with the work of others without fooling yourself."

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"I often hear: ‘hey man, can you compress the hell out of the bass to make it fat?’ To which I usually answer ‘Do you want it compressed or do you want it fat?’"

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"a nasal and congested vocal sound is the by-product of too much 1 kHz."

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"4) The clip. We use a Shure SM58 clip because the Audix clip is too rubbery. It’s the older version clip that is not flared up top. It requires the mic to be slid – not popped – into place, and the mic won’t jump out when the stand is swung or bounced. Also, we heat up new clips with a lighter and bend them open so they get the proper grip on the mic – not too tight or loose."

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"Increase 2.9k or 3.5kHz by a couple of dB on either the High-Mid or High frequency equalizer of the vocal channel. Generally speaking, raising 1kHz on a vocal gives it more energy in any mix, but in a live situation in a reverberant environment, moving the frequency up can help it cut through the mud. You could even try this on the FOH EQ to see if it helps the entire mix."

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"The first five Beastie LPs are all very fine, very different works, but any Greatest Albums list that omits Paul’s Boutique isn’t worth reading…As a whole, the album feels like the image made by the pieces of a hundred different puzzles cast into the air, landing to form an image more beautiful than any single one.”

Happy 25th Anniversary, Paul’s Boutique.

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"They found that when one chills liquid helium below the lambda point—2.17 K—the boiling liquid falls suddenly, eerily still, and it takes on bizarre properties. The individual helium atoms blur into one another and become a single “superatom”, also known as a partial Bose-Einstein Condensation. This is a demonstration of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, which states that the more precisely the momentum of a particle is determined, the less precisely its position can be known. Since particles below the lambda point have almost no movement, their momentums are almost entirely “known,” therefore by necessity their positions become so inexact that they begin to overlap one another. In this situation atoms stop behaving like discrete things and become ambiguous smears of quantum probabilities."

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HALP! @technariumas bring a heap of beauty to Burning Man 2014


@technariumas needs cash to bring a heap of beauty to Burning Man 2014

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Defensive BASH programming - Say what?

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Chirp! The Plant Watering Alarm ID: 1965 - $15.00 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits


Chirp by miceuz at Adafruit!

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Whatever happens to musicians (and journalists) will eventually happen to everybody.



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"If you use a computer or a synthesizer, it just gives you a sine wave. It gives you one pure tone, one pure sine wave. If you hit a note on a piano, it has every other note in the piano in that note at some volume."

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